lazy_expunge and fts_autoindex

Gregory Heytings ghe at
Sat Aug 29 16:34:34 EEST 2020

Hi list,

I have both lazy_expunge and fts_autoindex activated (with fts-xapian), as 

plugin {
lazy_expunge = EXPUNGED/

plugin {
fts = xapian
fts_xapian = partial=2 full=20 attachments=1 verbose=0
fts_autoindex = yes
fts_enforced = yes
fts_autoindex_exclude = EXPUNGED
fts_autoindex_exclude2 = EXPUNGED/*

However, I still see "indexer-worker...: Info: Indexed 1 messages in 
EXPUNGED/..." in the dovecot log each time I expunge an email.  I tried 
various other settings for "fts_autoindex_exclude" (EXPUNGED alone, 
EXPUNGED + EXPUNGED/ + EXPUNGED/*, ...), but none of them seem to work.

Thanks for your help,


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