Dovecot Proxy

Thoralf Rickert-Wendt trw at
Mon Aug 31 12:33:53 EEST 2020

Hello everyone,

it's my first post here on this mailing list and I hope, I make it right.

I posted a question on 
and nobody was able to answer it. So I decided to push that question 
here (I'm talking about any new dovecot version and I've tested it with (f79e8e7e4)).

I try to run a dovecot proxy in front of a big number of mail servers 
(serving SMTP-in, submission, IMAP, POP3, Sieve). I need that proxy, 
because I run out of IPv4 addresses. Of course I use IPv6 too, but many 
customers still have problems with there providers and they really don't 
want to share their mails on a "shared-mailserver". I planed to use 
Dovecot for IMAPS, POP3S, SMTP-submission(465) and postfix for the rest. 
If I find a solution for sieve, I would try that too, but that is very 

With the documentation (which 
is really old and should be updated) and some other ascii docs (from an 
Apple mirror somewhere deep in the web) I was able to build a IMAP/POP3 
proxy that forwards requests from outside to a specific backend using 
SSL (993,995). That works - I think.You can find the config on the 
serverfault page.

In general - all known domains in backend are using SSL and the passdb 
forwards all requests to the backend via SSL. So - I understand:||

|password_query =
     NULL AS password,
     NULL AS destuser,
     'Y' AS nologin,
     'Y' AS nodelay,
     'Y' AS nopassword,
     'Y' AS proxy,
     'any-cert' AS `ssl`
     domain = '%d' |

But that is only 50% of the show. The rest ist submission (and maybe 
sieve). Practically the submission implementation in dovecot works too. 
But because dovecot by default only opens port 587 (starttls), my passdb 
setting has a problem.

When I try to use that port Dovecot tries to use SSL on the backend/587 
too - but that is wrong (it should either use 465 or should try to use 

So, I have the following options.

- find a way to configure dovecot-proxy to listen on 465 with SSL for 
submission service and hope that it uses the same port
   - but I didn't find any documentation for that and need help

- find a way to configure dovecot-proxy/passdb to return starttls=y when 
dovecot-submission is used (use a different passdb)
   - but I didn't find any documentation for that and I'm not sure, if 
this worls on service/protocol level

- find a way to configure the passdb answer based on the used 
port/protocol. But I only know the parameter %u, %d and %p.
   - so it would be nice to find a way to also select the protocol (if 
already developed)

- find a way to make a patch in dovecot (which isn't easy for me, 
because I don't really know the code)

Has somebody an idea, how I can configure the dovecot-proxy in that way.


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