[Dovecot-news] Pigeonhole v0.5.5 released

Aki Tuomi aki.tuomi at open-xchange.com
Tue Mar 5 18:30:29 EET 2019


We are happy to release pigeonhole v0.5.5 for dovecot v2.3.5.

Please find sources at


(Please note that the signing key has been changed for 0.5.5, see https://pigeonhole.dovecot.org/download.html for details.)

You can find precompiled binaries at



+ IMAPSieve: Add new plugin/imapsieve_expunge_discarded setting which causes messages discarded by an IMAPSieve script to be expunged immediately, rather than only being marked as "\Deleted" (which is still the default behavior).
- IMAPSieve: Fix panic crash occurring when a COPY command copies
messages from a virtual mailbox where the source messages originate from more than a single real mailbox.
- imap4flags extension: Fix deleting all keywords. When the action
resulted in all keywords being removed, no changes were actually
- variables extension: Fix truncation of UTF-8 variable content. The maximum size of Sieve variables was enforced by truncating the
variable string content bluntly at the limit, but this does not
consider UTF-8 code point boundaries. This resulted in broken UTF-8 strings. This problem also surfaced for variable modifiers, such as the ":encodeurl" modifier provided by the Sieve "enotify" extension. In that case, the resulting URI escaping could also be truncated inappropriately.
- IMAPSieve, IMAP FILTER=SIEVE: Fix replacing a modified message. Sieve scripts running in IMAPSIEVE or IMAP FILTER=SIEVE context that modify the message, stored the message a second time, rather than replacing the originally stored unmodified message.
- Fix segmentation fault occurring when both the sieve_extprograms
plugin (for the Sieve interpreter) and the imap_filter_sieve plugin (for IMAP) are loaded at the same time. A symbol was defined by both plugins, causing a clash when both were loaded.

Aki Tuomi
Open-Xchange Oy
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