[dovecot] a few other problem

Farkas Levente lfarkas at bnap.hu
Mon Apr 7 12:45:57 EEST 2003

I still has a few other problem with dovecot and mozilla.
- when I open mozilla mail I can only see the toplevel folders in the
   left handside folder list and when I close the imap folder and open it
   again (click on the arrow left to the imap server in the folder list)
   mozilla show me all folders and subfolders correctly (but not at the
   startup). it can be mozilla's bug, but this was worked when I use
- when I'd like to sort the messages by thread than the thread is usualy
   ok, but I'd like to see the the different threads sorted by date (as
   it was while using couirer or cyrus) but now it seems to me random:-((
   it's very anoying. my be it's mozilla fault again, but may be mozilla
   use server side thread support.
- in OE6 when we only select headers only sometime some message
   "disappear"! which means we see in OE6 a red line over the message (as
   it would be deleted), but no one delete it (yes I know you don't
   belive me, I also don't belive our users, but once I saw it). just
   click on it to see the message and inmediately become as deleted.
   while when I look at in the server the file is still there and _not_
   deleted. and OE6 show "the message already removed from the server".
- what about the ssl (imaps) problem?

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