[dovecot] Re: a few other problem

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Apr 7 14:22:39 EEST 2003

On Mon, Apr 07, 2003 at 11:45:57AM +0200, Farkas Levente wrote:
> - when I open mozilla mail I can only see the toplevel folders in the
>   left handside folder list and when I close the imap folder and open it
>   again (click on the arrow left to the imap server in the folder list)
>   mozilla show me all folders and subfolders correctly (but not at the
>   startup). it can be mozilla's bug, but this was worked when I use
>   courier?!

Mozilla had same behaviour in subscription dialog, then it tried to use '/'
separator instead of '.'. If it works with Courier, I'm guessing it's
because Dovecot doesn't support NAMESPACE extension yet. It could be easily
added if needed.

> - when I'd like to sort the messages by thread than the thread is usualy
>   ok, but I'd like to see the the different threads sorted by date (as
>   it was while using couirer or cyrus) but now it seems to me random:-((
>   it's very anoying. my be it's mozilla fault again, but may be mozilla
>   use server side thread support.

Hmm.. They should be sorted by date. Last I checked it worked correctly,
maybe I've broken it later.

> - in OE6 when we only select headers only sometime some message
>   "disappear"! which means we see in OE6 a red line over the message (as
>   it would be deleted), but no one delete it (yes I know you don't
>   belive me, I also don't belive our users, but once I saw it). just
>   click on it to see the message and inmediately become as deleted.
>   while when I look at in the server the file is still there and _not_
>   deleted. and OE6 show "the message already removed from the server".

It's actually documented in dovecot.conf :) I couldn't figure out any way to
work around this, and I'm pretty sure Courier has exactly the same problem
(and we were seeing it too once in a while when we were still using
Courier). It may be that Courier does something a bit differently if you're
seeing this more with Dovecot. At least Courier doesn't check new mail as
often as Dovecot.

> - what about the ssl (imaps) problem?

I think it's fixed in CVS.

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