[dovecot] Re: Assert in imap-bodystructure.c

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Jan 6 19:40:23 EET 2003

On Mon, 2003-01-06 at 19:03, Brad Figg wrote:
> imap(brad): Jan 06 08:46:28Panic: file imap-bodystructure.c: line 346 
> (part_write_body): assertion failed: (part->children->next == NULL)

Annoying, you're the second person now who sees this. Is this Linux/x86
system? Maildir?

Would it be possible for you to send me that mail folder's indexes? They
contain some headers of the mails (from, to, subject, ..) and are
located in ~/Maildir/.folder/.imap.index* or
~/mail/.imap/folder/.imap.index*. I didn't find any obvious reason for
this problem last I looked, so getting those indexes would help to find
why they're corrupted.

Anyway, fixing this would most likely work by just deleting those index
files. If that didn't help either, it's some mail in there that Dovecot
doesn't like for some reason.

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