[dovecot] Logging suggestions?

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Jan 8 12:47:51 EET 2003

Any suggestions how user login/logouts should look like in log files? I
was thinking:

(connected to imaps port)
Login: username [IP, imaps, compressed]
Logout: username [IP, imaps, compressed] [1000/100000 bytes (50%), 00:00:12]

Bytes being upload/download and the 50% meaning compression ratio for
downloaded bytes, probably not worth it for upload. Or if uncompressed,
it'd show the extra space used by SSL/TLS protocol:

(using STARTTLS)
Login: username [IP, TLS]
Logout: username [IP, TLS] [2020/202000 bytes (101%), 00:00:12]

(no SSL)
Login: username [IP]
Logout: username [IP] [2000/200000 bytes, 00:00:12]

I think the only configuration needed would be if to log login, logout
or both.

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