[Dovecot] convert wu-imap Maildir format to dovecot

Alin Osan al at casa.org.ro
Sun Sep 21 15:11:46 EEST 2003


I intend to migrate a mail server with Maildir from wu-imap to dovecot 
imap. Using horde/IMP, users can not access their imap forders, as wu-imap 
created Mail directory that holds all created folders. Dovecot could not 
detect the mail directory so I had to put default_mail_env = ~/Maildir in 
Before I begin to read the source-code of dovecot or try to migrate the the 
mailboxes using a shell script, is there any way I can make dovecot read 
the wu-imap folders format?
Please suggest any solution that you find viable.
Thank you.

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Alin Osan

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