[Dovecot] convert wu-imap Maildir format to dovecot

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sun Sep 21 15:34:21 EEST 2003

On Sun, 2003-09-21 at 15:11, Alin Osan wrote:
> I intend to migrate a mail server with Maildir from wu-imap to dovecot 
> imap. Using horde/IMP, users can not access their imap forders, as wu-imap 
> created Mail directory that holds all created folders. Dovecot could not 
> detect the mail directory so I had to put default_mail_env = ~/Maildir in 
> dovecot.conf. 

Mail or Maildir? ..

> Before I begin to read the source-code of dovecot or try to migrate the the 
> mailboxes using a shell script, is there any way I can make dovecot read 
> the wu-imap folders format?

I don't really know what format uw-imap's maildir patch uses, but I'm
guessing it's not Maildir++ which Dovecot and Courier use. Maildir++
works like:

~/Maildir/{cur,new,tmp} = INBOX
~/Maildir/.folder/{cur,new,tmp} = folder
~/Maildir/.folder.subfolder/{cur,new,tmp} = folder.subfolder

ie. everything under ~/Maildir/, hierarchies separated by dot.

I've been thinking on supporting something like what I'd guess uw-imap's
maildir uses:

~/Maildir/{cur,new,tmp} = INBOX
~/Maildir/folder/{cur,new,tmp} = folder
~/Maildir/folder/subfolder/{cur,new,tmp} = folder/subfolder

One bad thing with that format is that you can't have mailbox named cur,
new or tmp. Anyway, supporting that format isn't really in my short term

Hmm. Was it also uw-imap's maildir patch that added the UID into maildir
filename like: 12345,U=uid? I was also considering on supporting it, but
I think it had some problems..

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