[Dovecot] Little problem with dovecot using mbox format

Rolf Kutz kutz at netcologne.de
Mon Aug 9 11:20:26 EEST 2004

* Quoting Keith Edmunds (keith at midnighthax.com):

> On Tue, 03 Aug 2004 19:57:16 -0400
> Jd <jd at jackdan.net> wrote:
> > I don't know why, but now some emails seem to de-double themselves.  For 
> > exemple, yesterday morning I printed out all the emails.  To my surprise 
> > 30 minutes later, I received 60 'new'' emails.
> This doesn't sound like a Dovecot problem to me; much more likely to be a
> fetchmail setup problem.

Could be a clientproblem, too. We have a setup
with pmail as client on different workstations.
When they're started at the same time on different
workstations we end up getting a lot of double

- Rolf

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