[Dovecot] authentication documentation

Tom Metro tmetro+dovecot at vl.com
Mon Aug 16 12:12:29 EEST 2004

Timo Sirainen wrote:
>>Which is good, except it never defines what "authentication mechanism" 
>>really means, and how it is distinct from how the password is stored.
> How about:
> http://wiki.dovecot.org/moin.cgi/Authentication

Looks great.

Now that the more detailed documentation seems to be migrating into the 
Wiki, what do you plan to do with the text files in the distribution? 
Will auth.txt become a text equivalent of this page? Or maybe turn 
auth.txt into just an intro paragraph with a pointer to the above URL?

I noticed a few of the new Wiki documents have references to things like 
"doc/variables.txt" that aren't hyperlinked. It'd be better if they were.

> 2. Authentication Mechanisms

Although in section 3 you address the point that PLAIN passwords are 
more flexible when mapping them to storage schemes, I think it wouldn't 
hurt to be a bit redundant and repeat that point at the end of section 
2. Essentially pointing out the down side to using encrypted mechanisms.

Should there be a list of common clients and what mechanisms they 
support? Bound to get out of date, but it would be nice, for example, to 
know that Mozilla/Thunderbird is one of the clients supporting  CRAM-MD5.

> With PLAIN authentication mechanism it doesn't matter in which format 
> the password is stored locally...

I'd complete that thought and explain why...
"...because Dovecot will encrypt the password to match the storage 

>>Your comments seem to imply that Dovecot won't translate a plain 
>>password to a digest-md5 storage scheme (perhaps also cram-md5), though 
>>it seems this should be possible.)
> It's possible.

But it doesn't currently, right? (At least not in .99) I'm assuming 
that's why my initial attempts to use the PLAIN mechanism with the 
DIGEST-MD5 scheme failed to work.

If the behavior is inconsistent, then it need to be more explicit in the 


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