[Dovecot] authentication documentation

Curtis Maloney cmaloney at cardgate.net
Tue Aug 17 03:33:53 EEST 2004

Tom Metro wrote:
> Looks great.
> Now that the more detailed documentation seems to be migrating into the 
> Wiki, what do you plan to do with the text files in the distribution? 
> Will auth.txt become a text equivalent of this page? Or maybe turn 
> auth.txt into just an intro paragraph with a pointer to the above URL?

Just my two cents:  as much documentation with the source tarball as you can is 
preferable, imho.  It's often faster and easier for me (and probably others) to 
grep the doco than to get to a browser.

A simple way to look at it is this:  It's better to have it and not need it, 
than to need it and not have it.

Curtis Maloney

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