[Dovecot] Re: Question: email system architecture

Gland Vador glandvador at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 18 10:19:17 EEST 2004

Keith Edmunds wrote:
>>If a user see a "good" mail in 
>>his spam folder (or vice-versa) he will take this mail and move to his 
>>inbox folder. But, I want to be able to say to spamassassin to learn 
>>that this message is ham, with the command sa-learn
> Run a daily (or nightly) cron job to run something like (this is for
> Maildir mailboxes with spam in a "_SPAM" folder, but you can adapt it as
> required):
snip script

This is an idea. But what to do if a user (like me) will empty his spam 
folder once he looked inside to verify that there is no ham ? It's a lot 
easier to deal with a tiny spam box.

In my case, I receive about 1/150 ham/msgs so if I want spams to 
(re)learn the bayesian filter I just wait 1 week. For the good messages 
I have all my mails. So I dont keep spam.

On the other side, this will work for ham. Because, in theory, it will 
stay longer in the system. But again, I dont know how to remove the 
x-spam* headers from the mail.


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