[Dovecot] Multiple dovecot processes stepping on each other

Peter Hessler phessler at theapt.org
Wed Aug 18 23:30:15 EEST 2004

I have two instances of dovecot running, one for v6 and one for v4
connections.  The only differences in the config files are:

--- /etc/dovecot-ip6.conf       Wed Aug 18 11:15:43 2004
+++ /etc/dovecot-ip4.conf       Wed Aug 18 11:09:17 2004
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
 # *** NOTE *** Some values HAVE been changed for OpenBSD use.
 # Base directory where to store runtime data.
-base_dir = /var/dovecot-v6/
+base_dir = /var/dovecot-v4/
 # Protocols we want to be serving:
 #  imap imaps pop3 pop3s
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
 # "host:port", although with multiple protocols you probably want to move
 # this setting inside protocol imap/pop3 { ... } section, so you can
 # specify different ports for IMAP/POP3.
-listen = [::]
+listen = *
 # IP or host address where to listen in for SSL connections. Defaults
 # to above if not specified.

For the most part it is working, but every so often, the auth freaks out for
one (random) account.  The error for one example is below:

Aug 18 11:13:12 gir dovecot: login: Authentication process 21082 doesn't
Aug 18 11:13:12 gir dovecot: pop3-login: Internal login failure:
phessler []

This happens on both v4 and v6 connections, but infrequently.  If you try
again immediatly, it works.  If I do a `ps -p 21082` I can see the process
(dovecot-auth).  This does not happen when I have only one dovecot process

What is the best way to have multiple dovecot processes without them
stepping on each others toes?

This is on OpenBSD/macppc -current, running dovecot-1.0-test32.

Mosher's Law of Software Engineering:
	Don't worry if it doesn't work right.
	If everything did, you'd be out of a job.

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