[Dovecot] IMAP - many folders?

Reuben Farrelly reuben-dovecot at reub.net
Sun Dec 5 10:11:07 EET 2004

Yes - every folder that I then go into after wiping the indexes, requires a 
full resync between client (Eudora) and dovecot of the headers (not 
downloading the message bodies).  The hard drive on server works pretty 
hard for a while to resync up especially if there are a fair few messages, 
but after that initial performance hit the performance is good.  Obviously 
it only reindexes the folders as they are opened.

It could just be a slow client, but I doubt it given the level of hard 
drive activity that goes on on the server.  At a guess, it would be 
re-indexing perhaps, 30 mails/second, and it takes a while with 3000 
messages in a (trash) folder.  I hate to think how long it would take with 
100 clients all resyncing at the same time after an index wipe or migration 
from an existing system to a new dovecot installation...


At 04:36 p.m. 5/12/2004, you wrote:
>On 3.12.2004, at 07:19, Reuben Farrelly wrote:
>>What I would muchly like to see soon, is a means of forcing the 
>>re-indexing to occur at a convenient time, rather than when the Maildir 
>>is first read.  Ideally also as part of this, a way of manually checking 
>>the validity of the index files and then recreating them as required.
>>It'd make testing of the -test releases much easier, as I could wipe all 
>>the indexes and recreate them straight away without having the 
>>performance hit when the users first re-read their mailboxes.
>Is the performance hit so large with 1.0-test anymore? 0.99.x would 
>re-read all messages and cause lots of I/O, but 1.0-tests try to delay 
>reading as long as possible.

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