[Dovecot] logfile errors

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Jan 6 05:21:05 EET 2004

On 29.12.2003, at 22:26, Simon Bell wrote:

> Ive recently installed dovecot as a replacement for my uw-imap server. 
> Ive
> noticed a few error messages in the log file, although in operation 
> ive seen
> no problems from my mail client. The errors are:
> pop3(admin): Dec 26 21:19:37 Error: Error indexing mbox file
> /var/mail/admin: LF not found where expected

This usually means that the mbox contains two From-lines with nothing 
between them. Dovecot can't currently handle that error.

> pop3-login: Dec 29 14:54:03 Warning: SSL_read() syscall failed: EOF
> []
> There appears to be a large number of the SSL_read errors, though SSL
> appears to work fine from outlook.
> Is there any explanation to what they mean or are they insignificant 
> enough
> to ignore?

Just turn ssl_verbose off and forget about them :) It only means that 
Outlook didn't issue a proper "SSL bye" command and closed the 
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