[Dovecot] Is Dovecot ready for production use?

Benjamin J. Weiss benjamin at weiss.name
Mon May 10 16:28:04 EEST 2004


I'm currently running RH 9 with postfix, uw-imap and MailScanner.  I want to
install Fedora Core 2 (when it comes out next week) with postfix, dovecot
and amavisd.  I'm unhappy with the problems I'm having with MailScanner,
with the difficulty I've had with authentication as I am currently
configured, and want to move to Maildir instead of mbox.

That being said, is dovecot stable enough yet for production use?  I only
have four users on my home linux box, but I personally get around 500 emails
a day (that fedora list is *busy*).



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