[Dovecot] Is Dovecot ready for production use?

Steffen Higel Steffen.Higel at cs.tcd.ie
Mon May 10 16:56:58 EEST 2004

Benjamin J. Weiss wrote:
> That being said, is dovecot stable enough yet for production use?  I only
> have four users on my home linux box, but I personally get around 500 emails
> a day (that fedora list is *busy*).

I use it in two such environments, one in an office with 10 users, most of
whom are connected from inside the office itself for the whole day. It
easily passes 500 mails across the network in 24 hours. The other is in a
larger organisation with maybe 20 or 30 people connected at a time through
various webmail clients.

In both cases, it has behaved perfectly. It was also trivial to set up,
particularly when contrasted with uw-imapd or courier.

I'm using Jaldhar's Debian backports. And very nice they are too :-)



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