[Dovecot] Codepage of folder names

Petr Tuma petr.tuma at mff.cuni.cz
Thu May 13 12:56:54 EEST 2004


I have run into a problem configuring DoveCot 0.99 on a Linux server 
that handles Windows users. The server uses UTF8 on its filesystem but 
the Outlook IMAP folder names are sent in what looks like CP852. As a 
result, folder names that use national characters are damaged, which in 
turn breaks a webmail application running on the same server.

A natural solution would be DoveCot translating folder names from CP852 
coming across the wire to UTF8 used in filesystem operations, but I did 
not find any option for that in the configuration. Anybody encountered 
and solved this problem ?

Petr Tuma

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