[Dovecot] Codepage of folder names

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Thu May 13 15:21:59 EEST 2004

On 13.5.2004, at 12:56, Petr Tuma wrote:

> I have run into a problem configuring DoveCot 0.99 on a Linux server 
> that handles Windows users. The server uses UTF8 on its filesystem but 
> the Outlook IMAP folder names are sent in what looks like CP852. As a 
> result, folder names that use national characters are damaged, which 
> in turn breaks a webmail application running on the same server.

IMAP folder names are supposed to be sent in modified-UTF7 character 
set, and Outlook (2000, XP) use it too. So eg. "ö" becomes "&APY-". 
Dovecot stores the mailbox names just as it was sent, so assuming 
everyone used UTF7 they should all contain only 7bit characters and 
filesystem charset isn't an issue.

Is the problem then your webmail using UTF8 and not UTF7?

> A natural solution would be DoveCot translating folder names from 
> CP852 coming across the wire to UTF8 used in filesystem operations, 
> but I did not find any option for that in the configuration. Anybody 
> encountered and solved this problem ?

You could patch src/lib-storage/index/maildir/maildir-storage.c 
maildir_fix_mailbox_name() to convert those names..
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