[Dovecot] dovecot-1.0-test8 / nfs / maildir / flags issues

Reuben Farrelly reuben-dovecot at reub.net
Thu May 13 13:42:17 EEST 2004

In this case the version of PHP-imap might not be so relevant...my 
Horde/IMP (-cvs) has also broken in the latest test releases but works fine 
with the older (semi) stable 0.99 releases.  All my mail folders appear 
empty when displayed with IMP although the folder list is fine (and even 
the message count in each folder is correct).

I suspect the command which is not working is:


The very bottom paragraph at http://www.dovecot.org/bugreport.html gives 
some clues as to how to go about debugging this sort of problem, and would 
probably be handy in this case too :)


At 10:26 p.m. 13/05/2004, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>Hash: SHA1
>Maikel Verheijen wrote:
>| - We notice some very strange "delete" flag things in our IMP webmail
>| system (working on a test environment to be more specific). The problem
>| is that if you mark some messages "deleted", a lot of messages that do
>| NOT have "deleted" flag are also in the deleted list. Since nothing
>| changed on the webmail, it must be in the way dovecot responds
>| different in the new version on certain requests.
>Webmail applications reply (in most cases, IMP included) on PHP imap code.
>When reporting problems with webmail programs, it is thus relevant to
>note what version of PHP you are running, and on what platform (or even
>better, if you know it: what version of libc-client it has been linked
>It may be that your brand-new IMP relies on a brand-new PHP linking
>against an old buggy version of libc-client.
>libc-client is the core engine from UW-imap, which is also used in Pine,
>PHP and other projects.
>~ - Jonas

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