[Dovecot] Small change to make dovecot pop3 uw-imap migration friendly

Oleg I. Vdovikin oleg at cs.msu.su
Thu May 27 16:29:02 EEST 2004


    today I've finished migration from uw-imap daemons to shiny and fast
dovecot. With thanks of dovecot my mail server load average drops by factor
of ten even with ancient unix mailboxes. ;-)

    So, the only thing I've discovered is what POP3 uidls are different than
ones used in the uw-imap. Luckily, the difference are only in the format
string used in uidl response. So, I've made the following change in the code

--- dovecot- 2003-05-28 15:17:15.000000000
+++ dovecot- 2004-05-27 14:06:48.000000000
@@ -374,7 +374,7 @@

  while ((mail = client->mailbox->fetch_next(ctx)) != NULL) {
   client_send_line(client, message == 0 ?
-     "%u %u.%u" : "+OK %u %u.%u",
+     "%u %08x%08x" : "+OK %u %08x%08x",
      mail->seq, client->uidvalidity, mail->uid);
   found = TRUE;

    and got everything just like in the old uw-imap pop3. I'm current
running RH9, but thinking of FC2 which uses dovecot. So, I've rebuild the
FC2 rpm for RH9 including this patch. Pop3 users, which do not remove their
mails from the server are really happy - they do not receive old mails

    Probably this small change could be applied to the 1.0, or used as a
config option.

    Any suggestions are greatly appriciated.


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