[Dovecot] Runas Question

Chris L. Franklin cfranklin at nomadcf.com
Fri Nov 5 07:37:12 EET 2004

Okay heres a weird question is there anyways to make dovecot run as root ?

Heres why:
I'm currently using XMail email server (smtp/pop3/virtual accounts). And I love using it. But it really must run as root. I've tryed all the non-root solutions  for it. and really I'd prefer to have it run as root. And I'd like to really use dovecot as (on server with xmail). Currently I've got it running with some sendmail server and a few postfixs But really I'd like to get it working with Xmail. So if anyone has any Ideas or how to get Dovecot to run as root.

PS. I know the Idea behind dovecot is security and how it's coded to be able to run using non-root accont. So please I'm really only looking for ways to get dove to run as root. And not new ways of reconfiguring my smtp servers so as they don't need to be run as root.

-- Chris L. Franklin --
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