[Dovecot] strange timeout with ssl

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Nov 8 03:56:57 EET 2004

On 5.11.2004, at 02:03, Arnaud Lacroix wrote:

> Under a ssl session, at first, it's work. But a later ago, i recieved 
> alway,
> when i tried to contact the server imap : "connecting to <host> timed 
> out ..."
> This fact is never without ssl.

This happens when you open IMAP client, or when it's running? Or did it 
completely stop working?

Or maybe this is a firewalling problem? Clients sometimes first try 
port 993 then 143, or vice versa, and if either one of them is blocked 
at firewall it hangs there for a long time.

> * OK dovecot ready.
> // timeout :
> * BYE Disconnected for inactivity.
> read:errno=0

This is different. Here Dovecot disconnects you because you didn't log 
in within 30 seconds.
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