[Dovecot] noob - Outlook Duplicate Problem Question

Jeff Ramsey ramsejc at tubafor.com
Tue Nov 9 18:53:13 EET 2004

	I use dovecot 0.99-11 with sendmail latest, and clamav-milter, and 
spamass-milter. Whole setup works great. We only use dovecot for pop3, 
no imap. We use primarily Outlook 2000-2003 for a client. I have a 
couple of users who prefer to leave a copy of each message on the 

	I read the archives about the Outlook Duplicate Message problem 
regarding the setting 'Leave a copy on the Server'. I read that someone 
fixed this by changing the order of the UIDL from datestamp.message# to 
message#.datestamp. My question is if I make that change in my source 
for 0.99-11, will the 1.0 version have a fix for this included, or 
should I look for another pop3 server? I'd like to continue to use 
dovecot as it is very light and fast, but I'm trying to eliminate using 
source compiled binaries on my production servers, and letting YUM do 
my updates for me. I can compile this version from source, using the 
fix that was mentioned in the September Archives for this list, if I 
know that the problem (which is an MS problem, go figure) will be gone 
in future RPM binary packages.

Thanks for any info or help.

Jeff Ramsey
MIS Administrator
Tubafor Mill, Inc.

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