[Dovecot] noob - integrating dovecot with postfix

Daniel L. Miller dmiller at amfes.com
Tue Nov 9 20:59:56 EET 2004

Mitch Pirtle wrote:

>Hi list,
>Just jumped providers and am now desperately trying to get IMAP
>running on a new server...  But not getting the link between postfix
>and dovecot working.  :-(
There isn't a "link" between them.  They work separately - except 
possibly for the mailbox list.

Postfix is an MTA.  This means it accepts mail from a program, usually 
via SMTP, and sends it to another program - normally either another SMTP 
server or an MDA.  Postfix also can be an MDA - which is responsible for 
actually delivering, i.e. storing, the mail.

Dovecot acts as an interface between a mail client and the mail storage 
- it has nothing to do with Postfix.  You can change to any MTA and as 
long as it continues to deliver mail to the same locations there is 
nothing to change in Dovecot.

>My two problems are:
>1) local mail seems to get into the ~/Maildirs, but not from the
>outside (this is a postfix issue?)
This is a postfix, or dns, issue.  Check your logs.

>2) I cannot find information on how to tell postfix to use virtual
>domains/addresses and then connect dovecot to them (as they are now in
>non-standard locations and/or formats)
Look to the postfix documentation and support groups for postfix virtual 
configuration.  You will then need to provide a user/mailbox list to 
dovecot.  This is typically done via an LDAP/SQL backend serving 
information to both postfix and dovecot - with views tailored to the 
needs of each program.

>I'm sure this is a FAQ, but cannot find an example that would walk me
>though this.  Can someone kindly point me in the right direction?
>-- Mitch
First, get Postfix working properly.  Then, if needed, come back for 
Dovecot help.


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