[Dovecot] dovecot-auth

Piviul pluto at flanet.org
Tue Oct 5 13:31:12 EEST 2004

Hi, I'm a new list member, I’m a not an English native speaking (so, 
please forgive any error you can find in this mail) and I'm trying to 
install Dovecot in Debian Woody. I've installed the Dovecot package from 
backports and I’m trying to configure it to get the credential 
authentication from an LDAP backend.

This is the configuration process summary I’ve done; if you need some 
configuration file I can post it with great pleasure.
In LDAP I’ve created the user cn=dovecot,ou=DSA,dc=flanet,dc=org, I’ve 
configured this user to have read access to the userPassword field in 
slapd.conf (the other parameter such as uid, directoryHome… can be read 
as anonymous), I’ve configured the dovecot-ldap.conf to bind using the 
“cn=dovecot,ou=DSA,dc=flanet,dc=org” and I set the *auth_userdb* and 
*auth_passdb* of dovecot.conf to *ldap /path/to/dovecot-ldap.conf*.

When I’m trying to start dovecot in the mail.err log file I can find

> Oct 5 11:13:29 PDC-SMB dovecot-auth: LDAP: ldap_simple_bind_s() failed (dn cn=dovecot,ou=DSA,dc=flanet,dc=org): Invalid credentials

Is the problem that the ldap-password is stored in SSHA crypted mode and 
in *dnpass* I've inserted it in plaintext? Or more in general, someone 
can help me to find where I wrong and how can I try to solve it?


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