[Dovecot] Detecting unused accounts

Wouter Van Hemel wouter-dovecot at fort-knox.rave.org
Tue Oct 12 06:19:12 EEST 2004

On Mon, 11 Oct 2004, Ben Beuchler wrote:

> Unfortunately, I've mounted the filesystem with 'noatime'.  However, since
> I'm only interested in people that haven't logged in in a very long time,
> mtime of .INBOX/.imap.index would probably suffice.

You could also parse the log files. I think it's quite trivial to check 
for each user what the last match was of 'imap-login:' (grep | tail -1). 
That way, you can be sure it really was a login.

Ofcourse, it rather depends on how old your log files are, you might not 
have anything more than a few weeks old.

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