[Dovecot] my future with dovecot (?any recipe?)

NORA CENTRAL noracentral at gmx.net
Thu Oct 14 11:58:58 EEST 2004


I am very impressed from this  howto's:
1) Postfix-Cyrus-Web-cyradm-HOWTO  (mysql) 

2) Pop-Toaster using Qmail-Vmailmgr-Courier-SquirrelMail
http://qvcs-guide.sourceforge.net/       (this work for me)

I hope to build anything like above, but with Dovecot:

Postgresql is ok for me with email-admin must be exist.
I dos not like qmail & Co, ldap... and cyrus is to big for me.

I found tousand mosaiks in internet to build any email server... mostly 
bound to debian, suse, redhat what i not use and  i prefer all piece 
self compile and package for Archlinux or Slackware.
My problem is the choice of ingredients and later to assemble it.

Community need howto's like above two and some working full complete 
recipe to self build.

I hope to find a recipe for dovecot+postfix+tls+ssl+smtpauth  and 


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