[Dovecot] my future with dovecot (?any recipe?)

Robert Cooper rac at noidea.us
Thu Oct 14 20:52:10 EEST 2004

(resending this to the list...didn't check the reply-to address the 
first time...)

Actually, I am working on a senario like you describe:

Fedora Core 1
Postfix 2.1 with TLS/SMTP-AUTH to MySQL via sasl/pam-mysql
Virtual domain hosts

You can visit my website at http://www.noidea.us/ for updates on my 
progress and the eventual procedure that I am planning to write once I 
get finished.  I will post here once I get the procedure written and 
tweaked for public consumption.  Keep in mind that this is a test 
environment, and not a very high priority until I get a new server box 
(in the works, but held up by someone who's out of town, plus I'm moving 
in two weeks).



> Hallo
> I am very impressed from this  howto's:
> 1) Postfix-Cyrus-Web-cyradm-HOWTO  (mysql) 
> http://www.delouw.ch/linux/postfix.phtml
> 2) Pop-Toaster using Qmail-Vmailmgr-Courier-SquirrelMail
> http://qvcs-guide.sourceforge.net/       (this work for me)
> I hope to build anything like above, but with Dovecot:
> [Postfix-tls-smtpauth-Dovecot-Mailadmin*-MySQL-SquirrelMail-https]
> Postgresql is ok for me with email-admin must be exist.
> I dos not like qmail & Co, ldap... and cyrus is to big for me.
> I found tousand mosaiks in internet to build any email server... mostly 
> bound to debian, suse, redhat what i not use and  i prefer all piece 
> self compile and package for Archlinux or Slackware.
> My problem is the choice of ingredients and later to assemble it.
> Community need howto's like above two and some working full complete 
> recipe to self build.
> I hope to find a recipe for dovecot+postfix+tls+ssl+smtpauth  and 
> [postgresql|mysql|firebird|metakit|any.other.db]
> nora

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