[Dovecot] UIDL bug

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Thu Oct 14 23:11:50 EEST 2004

On 14.10.2004, at 00:37, dovecot at spam.turbolink.net wrote:

> I moved to test47 which seems to fix several crashes, (including one
> problem with messages that have no body text) but causes a couple of  
> new
> problems, one with POP3.  Here is a diff between the actual mailbox and
> what dovecot returns through POP3:
> 313c308,309
> <  
> mv7g4W3sBDM8+I/ 
> fLuH7LqwrqxcKOgcjB2Lp7Uqc9AQle3Z5elK9PK1WCSFWX7eVRTKPmlmP
> ---
>> mv7g4W3sBDM8+I/ 
>> fLuH7LqwrqxcKOgcjB2Lp7Uqc9AQle3Z5elK9PK1WCSFWX7eVRTKPmlmPPYmplY3QgL1N1 
>> YnR5cGUgL0lt
> The extra data "PPYmplY3QgL1N1YnR5cGUgL0lt" doesn't appear anywhere in  
> the
> mbox, I'm not sure where it's coming from.??  Pulling the same message
> through with IMAP seems to be no problem...

Can you reproduce this easily? What about after removing indexes?

> Here's another new one.  I see it trying to allocate 1075105600 bytes  
> but
> it's not clear to me why:

This might be fixed in CVS now. I'll release test48 tomorrow if nothing  
seems to be broken.

> And still seeing this one:
> POP3(mkuker): file mbox-lock.c: line 493 (mbox_lock): assertion  
> failed: (lock_type == F_RDLCK || ibox->mbox_lock_type != F_RDLCK)

I haven't looked this much yet.. Although it might have gotten fixed  
after I did lots of changes to how pop3 works internally.
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