[Dovecot] default_mail_env %d var problem

pythonic pythonic at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 18:57:17 EEST 2004


I am new to Dovecot and trying to setup on my Fedora Core 1 mail
servers (actually migrating from uw to dovecot ;-) ).
In my setup I use pam to authenticate virtual users.
All the usernames include @domainname in their usernames like
'jane at somevhost.com'.
Now path to user's home and INBOX includes

I have added following to dovecot.conf.
auth_passdb = pam
auth_verbose = yes
auth_username_chars =
default_mail_env =

Now if I try to connect imap I get foll. error.
imap(jane): May 19 01:58:08 Error:
mkdir_parents(/home/vhosts///home/jane//.imap/INBOX) failed:
Permission denied

So %h and %u looks working but not %d :(.
My pam module works right as if I use actual domain path in
dovecot.conf everything works fine. Auth works correctly with uw.

Any pointers ?


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