[Dovecot] Occasional error msgs from 1.0-test49

Gregory Bond gnb at itga.com.au
Wed Oct 20 02:32:05 EEST 2004

I'm running 1.0-test49 on Solaris 2.8.  MUA is Thunderbird (or mutt) 
running on FreeBSD.  I'm using Maildir boxes.

Occasionally, when browsing new mail in INBOX, I get an error back 
from the imapd, displayed in Thunderbird as the following popup msg:

	The current command did not succeed.  The mail server responded: 
	Error in IMAP command UID: Invalid BODY[..] parameter: 
	Missing '>' in '<36864,-34800>'.

>From this point, nothing much works reliably until I quit the MUA
and start again.  Sometimes, if I keep working, the email that was
being fetched is shown but is corrupted and the msg body contains
another copy of the whole email (header & body), sometimes 2 extra copies.

Nothing is in the maillog.

This _didn't_ happen with 0.99.

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