[Dovecot] Occasional error msgs from 1.0-test49

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Oct 20 02:45:25 EEST 2004

On 20.10.2004, at 02:32, Gregory Bond wrote:

> 	The current command did not succeed.  The mail server responded:
> 	Error in IMAP command UID: Invalid BODY[..] parameter:
> 	Missing '>' in '<36864,-34800>'.

There are two potential reasons for this. One is that Dovecot replies 
something wrong and causes Thunderbird to send negative message size 
request. Another is that it's entirely Thunderbird bug which Dovecot 
just points out. Most (all?) other servers would treat -34800 as 
4294932496 and hide the problem. This is what Dovecot 0.99.x did too.

So far I'm thinking it's Thunderbird bug which should be fixed. Even if 
Dovecot was responsible in some way for it, it shouldn't be sending 
negative message sizes.
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