[Dovecot] [PATCH] Fix on Cyrus SASL support for Rel 0.99.11

ITO Nobuaki banb at j-link.ne.jp
Wed Oct 20 03:29:44 EEST 2004

Code which supports cyrus SASL library (src/auth/mech-cyrus-sasl2.c)
is broken.  Following is the workaround patch for Dovecot Rel 0.99.11,
and it worked fine on FreeBSD 4.10 BOX.
It will not work with current development version.
Application for that version might not be so difficult.

Recently I found the CVS log which appeals that cyrus SASL support is
discontinued.  It's very sad.


	Nobuaki ITO : banb at j-link.ne.jp
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