[Dovecot] test49 "killed with signal 6" errors...

jross at wykids.org jross at wykids.org
Wed Oct 20 19:13:03 EEST 2004

I upgraded yesterday from 1.0test46 to 1.0test49 in an attempt to eliminate an
error that a couple of my users were getting.  Both users were using Thunderbird
0.6 over imaps, and were getting errors that said:

"The current command didn't succeed.  The mail server responded: Error in IMAP
command UID: Invalid Body [..] Parameter: Missing '>'in'<14336-13057>'.  When
the user would click the Okay button on the e-mail client error message, the
message would be delivered as normal.

There wasn't any entry in the system logs about this that I could find.
Googling didn't turn up anything concrete.  I decided to upgrade to the latest
test49 version.

Now the same users are getting occasional e-mails that will not display, and I'm
getting the follwing in the logs:

2004-10-20 09:48:51.854386500 mail.info: Oct 20 09:48:51 dovecot: imap-login:
Login: jgarcia []
2004-10-20 09:49:13.195974500 mail.err: Oct 20 09:49:13 dovecot: IMAP(jgarcia):
Trying to allocate 0 bytes
2004-10-20 09:49:13.197151500 mail.err: Oct 20 09:49:13 dovecot: child 14738
(imap) killed with signal 6

I upgraded one of the users to the latest Thunderbird with no change.

But, if I have them go through our web interface (horde/imp) the same message
displays just fine.

The mail server is OpenBSD 3.6 -current.  Dovecot is built with the following

./configure --sysconfdir=/etc \
        --with-ssl=openssl \
         --with-pam=NO \
        --with-ldap=no \
        --with-vpopmail=no \

I added the --with-rawlog switch yesterday and created a dovecot.rawlog folder
in the Maildirs but nothing seems to be logged.

Any other information I can provide please let me know.


Jeff Ross

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