[Dovecot] migration to maildir and arrival time

Nicolas Kowalski Nicolas.Kowalski at imag.fr
Thu Oct 21 14:18:18 EEST 2004


I am currently testing dovecot (, Debian woody from backports), 
with the maildir storage.

I have noticed that when I use the mailutil tool from uw-imap 
distribution to transfer my IMAP mailboxes from our current server 
(uw-imap, mbx format) to the dovecot one, the mails arrival time are 
apparently lost. I can see this in Pine, using the Arrival sort: the 
mailboxes on the originating server and dovecot server are not ordered 
the same. If I use the mb2md perl script to transfer the same mailbox, I 
see the same behaviour.

Is this normal ?



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