[Dovecot] Possible Feature request

Marcus Rueckert rueckert at informatik.uni-rostock.de
Wed Oct 27 03:48:47 EEST 2004

On 2004-10-26 19:34:31 -0400, Chris L. Franklin wrote:
> I've Looked over the list of Auth methods that dovecot can use But i 
> didn't see a option for a custom auth option.
> Would it be possible to add in a way for dovecot to call a script to 
> check a users login info. have it able to retun the
> the homedir,gid/uid, and weather or not the password matched.

maybe check out the "checkpasswd" feature. if you make your script
compatible to the "checkpasswd" protocol you can "ab"-use this.
but iirc only 1.0test releases have that feature.

just my 2 cents


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