[Dovecot] Logging and libwrap

Jesse dovecot at vmdaemon.org
Fri Oct 29 15:38:25 EEST 2004


A few things regarding logging and libwrap..

a) PAM_RHOST patch
Back in July, dean gaudet helpfully posted a patch to dovecot PAM_RHOST the 
remote IP. Is this going to be included in the main dovecot tree? It 
seems like a worthwhile addition. The more informative and concise the 
logging the better.

See http://www.dovecot.org/list/dovecot/2004-July/004011.html for the original 

b) Better logging
Is it possible to get logging of when a client connects and disconnects? 
I'm very used to seeing this information and it's  very useful for 
debugging user sessions. It's frustrating not being able to 
easily tell whether a user has opened a connection.

Really many of the log messages could be more verbose. For instance, on 
disconnect, I see
     imap-login: Disconnected [ip.here]
but the username they were logged in as isn't included. It would be nice 
to have that rather than having to dig back for a login message with the 
same IP. Heck, even the pid isn't logged. That would be nice too.

c) libwrap
Any chance of getting libwrap support built into dovecot?

Right now I'm running dovecot out of xinetd, so that I can see when tcp 
connections are opened, and take advantage of tcpwrappers. But this 
causes the problem that dovecot thinks all connections come from 
the local host. Correlating logins to IPs gets to be a lot of hassle, 
with the information divided over so many lines, while needing multiple 
ways to track which messages from xinetd, dovecot and pam match each 

With some of the minor logging changes (more info on one line, 
notification of tcp connections), plus libwrap, it'd be much simpler and 
much more informative. :)

Thanks for the great imap server. Just thinking of some improvements. :)

Jesse <j at lumiere.net>

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