[Dovecot] Mail disappearing

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Aug 10 11:21:34 EEST 2005

On 10.8.2005, at 00:55, bclements at io-networks.com wrote:

> It's not just that mail is dissappearing, it's that mail is being 
> completely from random opened folders. We have verified that no other
> clients(pop3 or imap) are accessing the servers and deleting the mail.
> When a user opens a folder, the mail is there and then it's not.

Sounds pretty weird if it happens with IMAP too. Does this happen with 
one or multiple users? Maybe the user started doing some client-side 
filtering which causes it to delete mails in server too?

I haven't before heard of a problem where Dovecot deleted messages 
without client explicitly telling it to, and I find it somewhat 
unlikely that such a problem would only now show up..

And like others already asked, mbox or maildir? Although that shouldn't 
really matter either :)
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