[Dovecot] mysql authentication

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Aug 15 12:10:45 EEST 2005

On 15.8.2005, at 11:33, Justin Finkelstein wrote:

> 	SELECT clear AS password FROM users LEFT JOIN domains ON
> domains.domain_id = users.domain_id WHERE domain="%d" AND 
> username="%d" AND
> users.enabled = 1 AND domains.enabled = 1

So the password is in cleartext? Have you changed default_pass_scheme 
to plain?

> 	dovecot-auth: mysql(justin at redwiredesign.co.uk): Password mismatch
> Is there a way that I can see how dovecot's doing the comparison? I 
> have set
> the following in dovecot.conf:

No. I think it's maybe a bit too much to log passwords.. It's usually 
just that the scheme is wrong anyway.

> I've read the wiki on raw logging, but I don't know: (a) how to enable 
> this
> through the port (b) whether this is even applicable as apparently all 
> it
> logs is the imap traffic.

Rawlog isn't able to log preauthentication traffic.
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