[Dovecot] Messages not expunged

Jackie Hunt jackie at yuma.acns.ColoState.EDU
Thu Aug 24 19:48:49 EEST 2006

Hi all,

I'm doing some testing between U of Washington IMAP server (which
we currently run) and Dovecot on a IBM AIX system.  I created a
50M mailbox, made up of 262 msgs.  I'm using a Perl Script with
the imap::client module  to fetch each message and then flag it for 
deletion.  At the end of the test, I run an expunge to delete all 
the messages.  

UofW imap server ran fine, messages gone.  With dovecot I found
the messages were not being expunged.  The log indicated they
were, but then said 262 messages existed at the end.  After more
checking, I found the file system I was using was low on disk
space (<50M).  As soon as I added more disk space, and reran the
test with dovecot the messages were indeed expunged.

Is this normal imap protocol behavior?  I thought I would see
an error message or something in the dovecot log.  Does dovecot
duplicate the mailbox before expunge?  There wasn't room on our
system to do that.

Thanks much for any insights/info.

Jackie Hunt                                                       
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