[Dovecot] DIGEST-MD5 doesn't work

Jürgen Herz jherz at myrealbox.com
Tue Aug 29 00:33:46 EEST 2006


my dovecot installation works since months and clients authenticate
using CRAM-MD5. But today I got the first chance to test an client that
supports DIGEST-MD5 - and it doesn't work. Because of lack of other
supporting clients and servers I'm now at the point I don't know which
side is to blame.

The error I get after the client answers the servers challenge is "-ERR
Authentication failed: Missing nonce parameter".
Though I don't know how DIGEST-MD5 works I wonder about the message
because the clients answer contains a nonce parameter (captured with


Client is a Perl script using Net::POP3 and Authen::SASL Modules

Dovecot is version 0.99.14 - I know it's old and not supported. If one
tells me the bug is known and fixed in 1.0rc, then I'll think about
upgrading, but I just to test I don't want to change my running system.


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