[Dovecot] A little assistance with Sieve

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Mon Apr 7 23:29:09 EEST 2008

cam at ellisonpsychology.ca schreef:
> OK.  I understand all this.  Thank you for the reference to the
> specification.  Apart from the wrong name, I was using PUTSCRIPT instead
> of GETSCRIPT.  Now, where do I have to put the scripts to GET them?  My
> home directory does not work, nor do the /var/mail/user/ and
> /var/mail/user/Maildir directories.  I get a "Script does not exist"
> response, though the script is in all three locations.
According to one of your previous messages you have specified the 
following in the config.

sieve_storage = ~/sieve

That means that your script files are inside your home directory in a subdirectory called 'sieve'. All scripts must have an extension '.sieve'. Meaning that if you put a script called 'ingo' on your server through ManageSieve, it is stored in that directory as 'ingo.sieve'. If you place a script called 'existing.sieve' inside that directory it will be listed in LISTSCRIPTS as 'existing'. If GETSCRIPT cannot find the script, try LISTSCRIPTS to find out which scripts are actually known by the server. 



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