[Dovecot] A little assistance with Sieve

cam at ellisonpsychology.ca cam at ellisonpsychology.ca
Mon Apr 7 23:19:25 EEST 2008

>  From what I see here I am not quite sure whether you have understood
> the ManageSieve protocol. The putscript command as specified above
> expects you to provide 2049 bytes of script directly after entering the
> command. It will not accept other commands until it has fully read the
> 2049 bytes. (Refer to the specification
> http://tools.ietf.org/id/draft-martin-managesieve-08.txt). The listing
> above shows no script and a logout command in stead. You indicate that
> you have to cancel the connection using Ctrl-C which is consistent with
> that behavior.
> The following similar protocol session should show how it is done with a
> trivially small script:
> OK "Logged in."
> "IMPLEMENTATION" "dovecot"
> "SIEVE" "comparator-i;ascii-numeric fileinto reject vacation imapflags
> notify include envelope body relational regex subaddress copy"
> OK "Capability completed."
> PUTSCRIPT "hotseflots" {6+}
> keep;
> OK "Putscript completed."
> GETSCRIPT "hotseflots"
> {6}
> keep;
> OK "Getscript completed.
> SETACTIVE "hotseflots"
> OK "Setactive completed."
> "phpscript"
> "hotseflots" ACTIVE
> "frop"
> "ingo"
> "fruts"
> OK "Listscripts completed."
> BTW, it is  not useful to upload a script called .dovecot.sieve on the
> server. For managesieve, the .dovecot.sieve script (as looked for by the
> Sieve plugin) is a symbolic link that points to the actual active script
> in the sieve storage directory. That also explains the warning in your
> follow-up e-mail, indicating that a normal file is still in place. When
> you upload and activate a new script, the situation is resolved. The
> regular file previously called .dovecot.sieve is moved to the sieve
> directory as dovecot-orig.sieve (and listed as dovecot-orig). However,
> if you consider your current sieve script to be important you are
> advised to back it up before uploading and activating a script through
> managesieve.

OK.  I understand all this.  Thank you for the reference to the
specification.  Apart from the wrong name, I was using PUTSCRIPT instead
of GETSCRIPT.  Now, where do I have to put the scripts to GET them?  My
home directory does not work, nor do the /var/mail/user/ and
/var/mail/user/Maildir directories.  I get a "Script does not exist"
response, though the script is in all three locations.

Thank you for all the assistance


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