[Dovecot] feature request: deny IP address via database

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Apr 8 11:06:44 EEST 2008

On Mon, 2008-04-07 at 12:20 -0400, Dave McGuire wrote:
> Hey folks.  One feature I'd really like to see in dovecot is the  
> ability to point it at a database (with a configurable query) and  
> have it allow or deny a connection based on looking up the source IP  
> address in that database.

passdb sql {
  args = dovecot-sql-deny.conf
  deny = yes

Where the dovecot-sql-deny.conf has something like:

password_query = select 1 from deny_ips where ip = '%r'

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