[Dovecot] Problem with Dovecot Delivery Agent, Extra "From" lines and mbox

Hokan hokan at me.umn.edu
Thu Apr 10 00:03:58 EEST 2008

When an mbox email contains a line that looks like a "Mail" header
it should be quoted (per RFC 4155). Sendmail's delivery agent does
this, as does Procmail delivery agent.  Dovecot deliver does not
do this.

Example line, with ">" quote:
>From hokan at hokan.org Thu Mar  8 17:28:01 2008

When reading email (IMAP) that contains such an unquoted line, the
email abruptly ends before the "Mail" line.  There may (or may not)
appear another email (visible to the client) that contains the rest 
of the email.

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