[Dovecot] Problem with Dovecot Delivery Agent, Extra "From" lines and mbox

Hokan hokan at me.umn.edu
Wed Apr 16 01:34:59 EEST 2008

Perhaps a demonstration will make the problem more clear.

If you are using Dovecot Deliver v 1.03 or 1.13 and most any IMAP
server (I am using Dovecot IMAP) then I expect you will not see
the rest of this email.  Look at your INBOX directly on the server
for more:

>From hokan at hokan.org Thu Mar  8 17:28:01 2008
On Wed, Apr 09, 2008 at 04:03:58PM -0500, Hokan wrote:
> When an mbox email contains a line that looks like a "Mail" header
> it should be quoted (per RFC 4155). Sendmail's delivery agent does
> this, as does Procmail delivery agent.  Dovecot deliver does not
> do this.
> Example line, with ">" quote:
> >From hokan at hokan.org Thu Mar  8 17:28:01 2008
> When reading email (IMAP) that contains such an unquoted line, the
> email abruptly ends before the "Mail" line.  There may (or may not)
> appear another email (visible to the client) that contains the rest 
> of the email.
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