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Tue Apr 15 15:16:58 EEST 2008

On Tue, 15 Apr 2008 13:28:04 +0200
Robert Schetterer <robert at schetterer.org> wrote:

> Jason Wohlford schrieb:
> > Hi All,
> > 
> > I run a little hosting company. I use Dovecot 1.0.10* with IMAP 
> > exclusively. Lots of my customers use Outlook or Outlook Express.
> > This poses a problem. These programs don't and have absolutely no
> > workarounds to move messages to a trash folder when deleted. They
> > only mark the message for deletion. Then, users have to purge the
> > message to actually delete it. Outlook has a way to hide deleted
> > messages and also auto-purge them when moving to a different
> > folder. That just doesn't cut it. (Thanks Microsoft! :-p )
> > 
> > So, I'm thinking Dovecot could pick up where Microsoft left off.
> > 
> > It seems to me there needs to be two things done. First, a system
> > that automatically copy a message marked for deletion from one
> > folder (e.g. INBOX) to a trash folder (e.g. Trash, Deleted
> > Messages, etc.) Dovecot's lazy_expunge might already do this, but I
> > couldn't quite discern it from the wiki docs. Second, a way to only
> > do this when Outlook or Outlook Express is the one who is deleting
> > a message.
> Hi Jason, forget about workarounds for outlook express
> its a broken client for several reasons, just advice not not use it.
> Outlook isnt Outlook , div versions with div patchlevel
> working in different ways and have different ways
> ( or no ways ) to solve your Problem
>   here ist good advice for imap purge
> http://www.landaenterprises.com/support/email_imap_delete.asp
> note purge in this case ist a function
> of the client which the user may handle as he likes
> if you want outlook move sent mails to a imap sent folder
> use a filter rule
> look here for advice
> http://kb.nitix.com/1630
> at last tell your users that outlook isnt a universal mail client
> specially with imap and smtp
> Outlook is the client of m$ case in first case
> and fits to exchanges needs,
> and only with exchange it offers its workgroup funktions
> which are from interest in companies
> m$ has no interest to make it
> better work with imap cause , they would loose money if the do so,
> cause as time goes by , specially smaller companies may find
> no need to buy expensive windows and exchange servers outlook
> licences anymore
> advice users to use thunderbird/lightning as better choice
> after all i dont think dovecot should try to deal with outlook
> troubles ( which are mutatating from version to version ) , as long
> as there is other important stuff to do (acl etc),but for sure this
> not my decision,
> its mainly the work of microsoft to support user questions
> about their expensive sold products not yours in my opinion
> Same goes to apple mail which does serveral funny stuff with imap
> All these products are formed to make money with the special services
> m$ and apple provides, they arent meant to be highly compatible
> to wide spreaded imap,smtp opensoftware servers which mostly very
> clean coded
> i know telling this truths are badly told to costumers and users in
> real life , but perhaps you may do the best you can to provide such
> info

Before you continue your diatribe, you might want to consider confining
your remarks to the latest version of Outlook and not some obsolete

It might also interest you to know that many users prefer Outlook
because it has the features they want, and works seamlessly with other
products that they employ.

I have employed many MUA's in the past. None were perfect, and many
were far worse than Outlook. For the record, Outlook Express is
depreciated by Microsoft. It is no longer actively supported and only
essential security updates will be issued. Personally, I never knew any
professionals who used that program anyway; all though I am sure that
some did.

gerard at seibercom.net

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