[Dovecot] Bah! Outlook

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Thu Apr 17 16:08:49 EEST 2008

I hate defend Microsoft, but personally I found that Outlook Express to 
be one of the (overall) best IMAP clients out there... (on windows at 
least).  Mulberry never quite seemed to work the way I expected and is 
now discontinued. 

I personally used OE for many years and it took quite a long time for 
Thunderbird to work well enough with offline/disconnected operation to 
be useful *for me*.  Outlook also seemed to work ok in most guises from 
2002 ish onwards (although 2003 seems a great improvement in most ways).

All clients seem to have bugs and problems, but personally I rate OE as 
one of the best clients out there for people on dialup and lower 
bandwidth lines.  I particularly like the popup box which tells you 
*exactly* what it's doing, how long is left, and also makes it very 
simple to hangup the dialup connection when finished (or not).  It has 
very precise syncing of folders, so you can avoid downloading all 
messages over your expensive GPRS link, and you can very precisely 
choose even which indiivdual messages to sync.  If it's possible to make 
Thunderbird auto dial and hangup, and show the same progress dialogs 
then I'm all ears...  In the meantime we put all our customers on OE (or 
Windows Mail as it's called under Vista) - works very well in practice

Good luck

Ed W

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